The Importance Of Pregnancy Screening

Having a healthy and intelligent baby is the desire of every spouse while in pregnancy awaiting the birth of her baby. Parents and doctors should be aware of various conditions during pregnancy that some are not aware of the environmental conditions and health of pregnant women affect the health of the fetus. All the conditions will be able to be recognized through pregnancy screening. The screening can be done in such as one of the pregnancy clinics, such as Pregnancy Clinics Singapore.

Many internal and external factors of pregnant women that can be influential in determining fetal growth so that it can interfere with the health of babies at birth, the future of children and the greatness of our baby was very determined early on, especially during pregnancy.

Pregnant women are strongly advised to do antenatal care or ante natal care (ANC) is highly recommended for pregnant women to monitor maternal and fetal health in the womb, pregnancy examination is a series of checks conducted periodically from early pregnancy to the birth process to monitor the health of mother and fetus In order to achieve optimal pregnancy.

WHO recommends that every four weeks of pregnancy check up from the first pregnancy check up to 28 weeks of gestation, every 2 weeks from 28-36 weeks’ gestation and once every week from 36 weeks gestation until the time of delivery.

The importance of the ultimate pregnancy examination is to find out if there is something wrong with fetal development, early detection will be one prevention that should be done by a mother to get the right information and accurate. The importance of pregnancy examination is also related to the health of the mother. By knowing the health condition, the mother can prepare themselves, both mentally and physically to welcome the birth of the baby. The delay of early detection of fetal development in the womb can be bad and spread on complications of various disease problems. Therefore, a prospective mother should be aware of the importance of pregnancy checkups.

The importance of pregnancy check-ups for mothers and babies is no doubt, when you check the uterus you will know if you have any health problems, for example; High blood pressure, anemia, diabetes, pregnant wine, pregnancy outside the uterus, fetal weight is still low, placenta strap that twisted the baby’s body, or other infectious diseases. By knowing and identifying the pregnancy disorder, the mother should immediately check herself to find out health information for herself and the embryo. Thus, the mother also becomes increasingly aware of the importance of pregnancy examination.